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Top-Class All Course Program is a Program

Top-Class All Course Program

Started Jun 1, 2021
153 credits

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Full program description

The Top-Class Program is a comprehensive professional development program designed to enhance schools at all levels. Educational Leadership Fellows and esteemed educational leaders discuss and evaluate the impact of school leadership, enhancing schools at all levels, mentoring and coaching, and practical strategies for using technology for teacher enhancement.

This program includes all of the following.


Top-Class Educational Leadership Fellows


This research-based workshop series includes


Reality Leadership: Real Leadership Examples to Inspire Aspiring Leaders by Dr. Adrian Johnson

Successful Leadership During Times of Uncertainty by Dr. Delic Loyde

Putting Your Leadership Puzzle Together by Dr. James Lynch 

Strategies for Developing Leaders as Coaches by Dr. Geovanny Ponce 

Continual Opportunities for Leaders to Learn by Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora


Panel Discussion by Dr. James Lynch

Session 1:  Hiring Practices  

With Dr. Victoria Gehrt, Dr. Dolores Szymanski, and Dr. Adrain Johnson 

Session 2: Accountability with Dr. Shelby Davidson, Dr. Lupita Hinojosa, and Dr. Thomas 

Session 3: Evaluation with Dr. Christie Whitbeck, Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, and Dr. Geovanny Ponce. 

Session 4: Collaborative Leadership with Dr. Victoria Gehrt, Dr. David Harris, and Dr. Martha Salazar-Zamora.


Tech Time

Tech Time, hosted by Tysheka McKinnie, explores various technological tools to enhance teaching and learning. Participants will learn various technology platforms, including Google Suite, Zoom, and Canva, as well as how to digitize activities in engaging and creative ways to enhance student learning. 


Top-Class Educational Institute

This six-part research-based educational professional development Includes deep discussion into the following topics.

Strategic Planning for Enhancing or Turning Around Schools

Engaging in Critical Dialogues for School Leaders in Diverse Schools

Family Engagement for PK-6th Grade

Engaging in Peer Coaching

Techniques of Mentoring and Coaching Leaders

Professional Learning Communities

Mentoring & Coaching Leadership Institute for Cultural Responsiveness

Mentoring & Coaching Leadership Institute for Highly Effective School Leaders

Mentoring & Coaching Leadership Institute for Instructional Decision-making